Crypto : Mining pool detected severe error in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic – Explica

The 2Miners mining pool discovered a error causing “potential network instability” in the Ethash algorithm, which controls the mining of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). In addition, it reported the problem to developers of both blockchains who have already implemented the corresponding solutions.

The mistake was that the Ethash code had values ​​”a bit out of place”, according to 2Miners’ own words in a statement. Is that the algorithm used 32-bit computational values instead of the required 64 bits.

As they explained, the problem could have caused some nodes, that is, the individual servers that maintain the network, to accept new data on the blockchain but other nodes not. The situation would be potentially drastic and could cause a division (or fork) of the chain like the one that happened last week on Ethereum.

The bug had already started to cause inconvenience in Ethereum Classic. When the blockchain made its last epoch change, which included a proposal (ECIP-1099) to reduce the hashing power of the network, the data was not validated by miners even though it was legitimate. According to the estimate of 2Miners researchers, in Ethereum, if this error had not been solved, it would have caused problems since January next year, with new implementations that will be incorporated into the network.

Fixed issue in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

The developers working in the pool