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Citibank analyst, Tom Fitzpatrick, has validated his bias using advanced technical analysis on the world flagship crypto, anticipating that Bitcoin will skyrocket to $318,000 by December 2021.

The top banker explained further why Bitcoin is poised to be the clear winner in a world battling with economic and fiscal impacts of the pandemic.

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“The second (and in my view) more ‘monumental’ guidance was the indication that as the economy/inflation and employment pick up, they will not look to constrain monetary policy in the same fashion they have in the post-Volcker era. This change in monetary policy and simultaneous opening up in fiscal policy is (despite protestations to the contrary) MMT [Modern Monetary Theory] in all but name and a clear intention of debasing FIAT currency.”

Tom Fitzpatrick also hinted at the odds favoring Bitcoin;

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Bitcoin is an asset with limited supply. It is digital… It moves across borders easily and ownership is opaque… The huge fiscal deterioration of today has a cost in the future, either directly or indirectly. Directly is that at some point, the ‘bills have to be paid,’ which means at some time in